Bringing quality products from our farm directly to you.

Bethany Farm and Nursery is a Wholesale and Retail Landscape Nursery and Hemp Farm. We have everything you need to plant residentially or commercially and we’re passionate about helping customers and landscape designers create a beautiful, colorful, and healthy property. 

Who We Are

At Bethany Farm and Nursery, we are here to support you! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are educated in all areas of The Farm and can help with designing the perfect layout for your property! Everything you need to get your landscape projects finished is all in one place.  Not only do we have the capacity for thousands of different plants, trees, and shrubs, but we also carry hardscape materials such as mulch, screened topsoil, decorative stone, and firewood. We cater to both Wholesale and Retail customers for an easy in and out shopping experience.


Meet Our Experts! 

Kyle Smith


One of Bethany Farm and Nursery’s partners, Kyle Smith, has also been the President of Stone Hill Landscape Inc. for the last 5 years, and has always possessed a passion for landscaping and superior service. His vision for excellence helps to inspire a culture of teamwork, attention to detail and dedication. He has been involved in the landscape trade for over 15 years and demonstrates expert knowledge in all phases of landscape management and garden cultivation. Kyle attended the University of Connecticut where he studied Landscape Horticulture and Turf Management. His hands-on approach and his artistic ability help to transform any property or piece of land into something functional and aesthetically pleasing. With his knowledge of landscaping, he understands the industry pains of obtaining the right landscaping materials and can help to fix them! 

Mike Anderson


Mike is a design professional and licensed engineer, with a degree from Bucknell University. Mike uses solution-oriented creativity to provide environments that people value. Utilizing a likable personality and a technical background coupled with a knack for spatial reasoning and symmetry he directs our company towards a modern landscaping business model. He appreciates the practicality of big-picture thinking but understands the importance of detail-oriented services. Improving your environment one property at a time.

Andrew Konopka

Operations Manager and Lead Grower 

Utilizing the benefits of nature has always been a passion of mine, even as a youth growing up in Upstate New York. I was able to begin this journey during my time in the Marine Corps when I attended Hawaii Pacific University where I studied biology. After my time at HPU, I continued my education in biology and also pursued degrees in business management and finance. With this background I was able to begin consulting within the cannabis industry, supporting clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Jamaica. I was also a caregiver in Massachusetts where I grew and maintained cannabis plants for clients to employ their medicinal value. My education and life experiences led me to Bethany Farm and Nursery where I continue utilizing my abilities to provide quality hemp products and contribute to the local community.

Jamie Appelberg

Chief Administrative Officer

Jamie assists in a variety of day-to-day operations for the plant nursery. This can be anything from placing plant orders, assisting in customer checkouts, and Marketing efforts. She recently acquired a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing from Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch School of Business. This degree has played a key role in the branding, marketing, and social media management for the Farm. 

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