The month of June is national pollinator month! Pollinator populations have been declining for decades. You may have even noticed less bees and butterflies in your own neighborhood. The decline in pollinators has a significant effect on the long-term health of our ecosystem. Even planting one pollinator-friendly plant makes a big difference! Here are some tips for selecting the right plants and how to get started building a pollinator garden!

Identify Soil Type and Sunlight

Before purchasing plants take a closer look at the type of soil you have. Is it sandy and well drained or clay-like and wet? Determine how many hours of sunlight your garden gets. The soil type and amount of sunlight will determine the kinds of plants you can grow. For a more detailed run down on evaluating your garden’s environment read Selecting the Right Plants for Your Yard.

Choose Native Plants

When choosing your plants, consider native varieties of milkweed and wildflowers. See a list of common native North American plants. Plants that are native to your area will attract the most pollinators and keep your ecosystem healthy. Plants that are native to your area will also require less maintenance and will grow heartier than non-native plants. Perennials are your best bet when it comes to choosing plants as they’ll come back each year without much maintenance. Consider a mixture of plants with diversified sources of nectar. There are many native shrubs, trees, and flowers to choose from.

Consider All the Seasons

Pollinators are active and need nectar from early spring into the fall. Choose plants that bloom at different times to keep your yard bright and colorful as well while provide months of food for pollinators.

Avoid Harsh Pesticides

Pesticides tend to kill more bug species than we intend. They also may end up in our rivers and oceans causing more harm than good. There are many non-toxic methods of keeping pests out of your garden that are safe for pollinators and the rest of the environment.

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