Mulch Calculator

Whether you’re buying bagged mulch or purchasing in bulk, you’ll need to determine how much is needed to get the job done. Bethany Farm and Nursery’s mulch calculator can help. As a rule of thumb, mulch should be spread in a 2″ to 4″ deep layer, any deeper and you risk suffocating the roots of your plants and trees. This calculator is also great for determining how much topsoil or sweet peet is needed for your next project and how much it will cost.

Measure the length and width of your project area. For irregularly shaped beds, break them up into rough rectangles. Then calculate the mulch needed for each section and add them for the total amount of material needed.

Note: 1 cubic yard of material (often just called “a yard”) is 27 cubic feet. Most of our bags of material hold 2 cubic feet. So there are 13-1/2 bags of material in 1 yard.

Deciding on whether to purchase bags or in bulk?

Pros Cons
  • Easy to move and transport around the yard
  • Can be stored longer
  • Convenient to spread in spare time
  • Cleaner work site
  • More Expensive
  • Many Plastic Bags to throw out
  • Less Expensive
  • No Plastic bags to throw out
  • Dumped in one pile, in one location
  • Must have a location that can fit a delivery truck and a location to drop material
  • Not as easy to transport around the yard
  • Inconvenient to work around and clean up