A Guide to Mums

Chrysanthemums are gorgeous flowers that thrive in the fall. There are many different varieties of mums that differ in shape and size. Mums also come in almost every color, perfect for creating a beautiful fall landscape or garden. If taken care of properly, hardy mums may come back year after year. There are also [...]

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Building a Pollinator Garden

The month of June is national pollinator month! Pollinator populations have been declining for decades. You may have even noticed less bees and butterflies in your own neighborhood. The decline in pollinators has a significant effect on the long-term health of our ecosystem. Even planting one pollinator-friendly plant makes a big difference! Here are [...]

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Selecting the Right Plants for Your Yard

If you want your yard to look beautiful but also stay beautiful, you’ll need to plan strategically. Selecting the right plants for your yard requires, first, knowing your yard’s growing environment and then matching the right plants to the environment. If you choose plants solely on looks, they may not be able to adjust [...]

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