Although we have several plants that all represent Christmas, did you know that the Poinsettia plant represents the true meaning of Christmas?

Long ago in a small town in Mexico, the townspeople were decorating the manger for Christmas Eve when they would celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and offer gifts and prayers. A young girl in town needed a gift to represent her love for Him, and her parents were too ill to help. Her family had no money to spare for a gift, and even though she tried several different ways to make baby Jesus a gift, she could not complete them. On the night of the celebration, she was crying and hiding, embarrassed she had nothing to offer. She felt as though she let Jesus down, at this moment an Angel approached her. The Angel told the young girl to look around in the local fields for a gift. She scanned the fields and jumped up to pick large green weeds, she brought them to church to lay across the altar. Suddenly, bright red flowers shaped like stars bloomed from these weeds. What the young girl thought was a meaningless gift was a beautiful, colorful, celebration of Jesus’s Birthday and therefore the Holiday Season.

Tropical PoinsettiaThe star shape of the flower is even said to represent the star of Bethlehem, which is the star that led the Three Wise Men to Jesus’ birth. This plant is a beautiful reminder that the season is truly about giving, even the simplest of gifts have immense value to the receiver.

There are so many gorgeous plants that represent the Holiday Season! At Bethany Farm and Nursery, we have the perfect plants to help wish your loved ones a Happy Holiday. There are Poinsettias, Christmas Cacti, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Cyclamen, and European Evergreens. Some of these plants are dusted with snow, wrapped in foil, or covered in ornaments and topped with a bow! We have the perfect gift to give your Holiday Host or to bring some Christmas magic into your home.

Happiest of Holidays from the Team at Bethany Farm and Nursery, thank you all for a wonderful year!BFN Christmas

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