Every season, our lawns need help adjusting to the change. The Crew at Stone Hill is here to explain why Fall Cleanups are so important for the health of your property.

It’s a beautiful sight when the leaves change and autumn temperatures roll in. However, when those leaves fall it causes problems for the healthy grass underneath. When your property is covered in leaves, they’re keeping in the moisture, and keeping out the sun to dry it all up. This excess moisture causes problems for the beginning of your next growing season come Spring. The other problem with moisture is that it attracts pests and bugs will lay eggs, and rodents will nest close to your home. In order to avoid these issues, and to best prepare your lawn for Spring, Fall Cleanups are a necessity.

Additionally, Fall Cleanups should be paired with lawn aeration and a fertilizer program. Aeration opens up compacted soil and allows water, nutrients, and air to enter creating 

deeper roots and an overall healthier property. When it comes to fertilizing, there’s no time like Fall! The Fall season provides the best conditions for fertilizing your lawn with its dewy mornings. Dew provides a little bit of daily moisture for your lawn, allowing it to absorb fertilizer easily.

The healthier your property is at the end of Fall, the stronger it’ll be during the harsh winter, and the greener it’ll be, come Spring!

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